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Window Repairs

Window Repairs

Do you need one or more windows repaired?  Don’t immediately assume that you need to replace your old windows.  In many cases, your current windows are perfectly fine and are just in need a few minor repairs to get them working like new again.  The Heartfelt handyman has repaired all types of windows and can get you back in business in no time.  Here is a list of some common window issues that I encounter.

Common Window Problems

Window won’t stay open – This is an issue that happens with single hung or double hung windows (windows that move up and down).  The hardware that is responsible for keeping the window in place is called a window balance.  Unfortunately, these balances aren’t made to last forever and the springs inside of them wear out over time.  This problem can easily be remedied by replacing the balances on your windows.

Window won’t lock – This is another issue that I see pretty regularly that is common with sliding, hung, casement, and European windows.  The repair can be a matter of clearing out whatever is blocking the sash from closing all the way, or replacing the sash lock or keeper.  As mentioned earlier, the hardware is not designed to last forever.  House settling can also be a cause.

Drafty window – Windows have several features that allow them to prevent conditioned air from escaping your home.  When these components break down after time or even fall off, you may begin to notice a draft, even when the window is closed.  If this is the case, your weather seals are probably worn out or could of gone bad and need to be replaced. If this doesn’t work, your window could just be really old and should probably be replaced.

Broken Window Lock – Window locking hardware is designed to last a certain number of cycles, usually about 36,000.  This would be equivalent to opening and closing your windows 3 times a day for 32 years.  However, since windows are exposed to varying conditions, the hardware can break down early in some cases.  Replacing the locking hardware on a window is fairly straightforward and is usually just a matter of sourcing the correct lock.

Sometime it isn’t worth it to repair an old window and would be more cost effective to replace it with a more energy efficient model.  Windows have come a long way in the last few years as far as energy efficiency and can save you a lot of money on your heating and cooling costs.

Whatever the issue is with your window, The Heartfelt Handyman will provide you with either a quality window repair, or the advice you need to ensure you make the choice that works best for you.

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